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Rental Borescope XL Lv Video Probe and Borescope XL Vu Video Probe

TECHNOFIT is a world-class engineering company providing borescope inspections of pipelines, tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and more. TECHNOFIT inspection services uses state-of-the-art equipment to deliver results of the highest of standards in the industry today.


Using the optimized menu-driven inspection equipment, and its abundant level of light-enhanced image clarity, clear surface scan, and rotate and zoom capabilities, it allows us to work rapidly in assessing, viewing and then measuring the size, shape, and depth of any irregularities. It is adjustable, rugged and completely portable, allowing our operators a remarkable level of freedom of movement during inspections in many difficult environments or locations.


XL Lv Video Probe     XL Vu Video Probe

  • Still image and live video capture
  • Full VGA LCD
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use controls
  • Servo motor All-Way* Probe articulation
  • Probe operates up to 100°C to gain access faster in high temperature applications where cooling time is needed
  • Probe length up to 10 meter

Rental Price


RM 1,200 with Technician (On Shore)

RM 1,900 with Technician (Off Shore)

*Mob/demob, accommodations, OT, monthly rental and other cost to be quote separately