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Incorporated in March 2013, Technofit Marine & Offshore Services Sdn Bhd commence its operation in strategic location at Labuan, to cater the Oil & Gas industry in East Malaysia. It also having a branch in West Malaysia, Johor. It serves as a sub-contractor mainly for MMHE (Malaysia Marine & Heavy Industries Engineering Sdn Bhd). It has a huge potential and opportunity to grow in the industry in East & West Malaysia.

With a broad range of expertise in various discipline such as Mechanicals Services which include serving/troubleshooting of vessel equipment mainly Medium Speed/Low Speed Marine Diesel Engines, various types of pumps, winches, crane & capstan, renewal of piping system mainly sea water pipe, hydraulic pipe, fresh water and sanitary piping. Minor structural works such as ladder fabrication/installation & ship structure repair. We also have the capability of carrying out laser alignment (various machinery) and insitu machining work up to max 3 meter in diameter. Due to the vast experience of the personnel and various types of job we can consider as a one stop solution for all types of vessel.

Currently, we are serving all the rig support vessel such as AHT & Crew Boat in Labuan and surrounding waters. We also sometimes send our expertise onboard rig for troubleshooting works.

Over in West Malaysia, we serve all the merchant vessels which is mainly docked in MMHE. We also carry out anchorage jobs in Johor waters such as Johor Port & PTP. At times, we do carry out jobs in Port Klang waters.

Technofit Marine & Offshore Services Sdn Bhd has collaborated with a trusted brand from Europe Manufacture of chock resin which is called EPOCAST 36 made us the sole distributor in East/West Malaysia. Thus, it’s also gives us additional advantage and we are in the midst of extending our business market in other state in West Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and overseas.

Our Services

  1. Rig Support Vessels Services
  2. Pitch Propellers Fixing
  3. Propeller Repairing
  4. CPP Propellers
  5. Fly Wheel Repairing
  6. Bow Thrusters Services
  7. Steel Work, Structural and Piping