Beyond Clients Expectation
  1. Mechanical Equipment Maintenance, Refurbishment and Replacement
  2. Boiler Services
  3. Plant Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

Our Specializations and Work Scopes

1 BOILER TUBE Register With DOSH As UPV Repairer, Boiler Tube Work & NDT Include Tube Bending & Swaging
2 PIPING & CASTING Design, Material Supply, Fabrication & Installation Include NDT And Casting Material
3 VALVES  Spares Supply & Installation
4 SOOTBLOWER Preventative & Corrective Maintenance & Services
5 BOILER CIRCULATING PUMP (BCP) OEM Engineering, Manufacturing, Spare Supply & Installation  
6 REGENERATIVE AIR & GAS PREHEATER (RAH/GAH) OEM Engineering, Manufacturing, Spare Supply & Installation  
7 ELECTROSTATICS PRECIPITATOR (ESP) OEM Engineering, Manufacturing, Spare Supply & Installation  
8 FLUE GAS DESULFURIZATION (FGD) & GAS TO GAS HEATER (GGH) OEM Engineering, Manufacturing, Spare Supply & Installation  
9 CONDENSER TUBE CLEANING Special Design Bullet Supply & Cleaning Scope
10 CONDENSER TUBE EDDY CURRENT TEST Joint Venture With Specialization Advance NDT Company
11 ONLINE LEAK DETECTION TEST Negative Pressure Parts Leak Detection Test Joint Venture With  Specialization Company
12 BOILER BURNER & ACCESSORIES SYSTEM Boiler Coal Burner & Accessories Maintenance & Services 
13 EXPANSION BELLOW / JOINTS Boiler & Turbine Expansion Bellow / Joints Supply & Installation
14 DUCTING & CASING  All Kind Ducting & Casing Work
15 STEEL STRUCTURAL Design, Material Supply, Fabrication & Installation
16 COAL & ASH  Conveyor System Belt Repair/Replacement & Cleaning Boiler Ash, Stack Reclaimer Chute & Structure
17 MILL MAINTENANCE & SERVICES Mill Classifier, Vanewheel & Bowl Cover Maintenance & Services
18 DRAUGHT FANS  PA, ID & FA Services Include Laser Alignment
19 HP HEATER / STEAM DRUM / MUD DRUM Tube Plugging, Expanded & Repair
20 TURBINE FIN COOLER Design, Material Supply, Manufacturer & Installation
21 ONLINE LEAK SEALING  Valve & Piping Leak Online Sealing 
22 SPRING HANGER & PIPE SUPPORT Repair & Setting Spring Hanger & Pipe Support 
23 UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL Steam Drum & Pressure Vessel Tank Repair Under DOSH Requirement
24 SANDBLASTING & PAINTING  Piping, Steel Structure & Casing Sandblasting & Painting
25 INSULATION  All Kind Piping & Ducting Insulation (Material Supply & Installation)

Our Expertise Images

Boiler Tubes




Boiler Circulating Pump (BCP)

Regenerative Air Gas Preheater

Electrostatics Precipitator (ESP)

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Condenser Tube Cleaning

Condenser Tube Eddy Current Test

Online Leak Detection Test

Boiler Burner & Accessories System

Expansion Bellow / Joints

Ducting & Casing

Steel Structure

Coal & Ash

Mill Maintenance & Services

Draught Fans

Hp Heater Steam Drum Mud Drum

Turbine Fin Cooler

Online Leak Sealing

Spring Hanger & Pipe Support

Unfired Pressure Vessel

Sandblasting & Painting


Our Partners

List of Partners

List of Partners

1 Hayward Tyler United Kingdom Boiler Circulation Pump New Design & Spares Supply 2005-Present Manjung Power Station – GF1
2 Geeco  India Air Preheater New Design, Re-Engineering & Spares Supply 2010-Present Manjung Power Station – GF1
3 Tai & Chyun Taiwan ESP Re-Engineering & Spares Supply 2011-Present Tanjung Bin Power Station – GF1
4 Sumitomo  Singapore/Japan Supply All Kind Boiler Tubes,  2012-Present Kapar Power Station
5 Spiro Gills United Kingdom Fin Cooler & Heat Exchanger New Design & Re-Engineering 2012-Present Gelugor Power Station
6 Seelan Germany Soot Blower Re-Engineering & Spares Supply 2012-Present Jimah Power Station
7 Sievert Singapore/India NDT, ECT & Helium Leak Test 2012-Present Manjung Power Station – GF1, Kapar Power Station, Jimah Power Station & Paka Power Station
8 IWON Corp Malaysia Lubricant & Chemical Supply 2012-Present Manjung Power Station – GF1
9 Tong San Malaysia TECH Condenser Cleaning Bullet Design & Spares Supply 2012-Present Kapar Power Station
10 Conco  System Australia Helium Leak Test Services 2014-Present Paka Power Station